Patches, Vinyl, Billet-doux

Like in Edmund Crispin’s The Moving Toyshop an address vanished Saturday night and a new store appeared, its light enticing the passerby to come take a look.

What was once (and will be again) the Iceberger Gallery is for the next few weeks transformed into the Pacific Reverb Society.

It is, in short, the record store of your dreams. Crammed into Iceberger’s closet-like space (if any gallery in San Francisco makes so much out of such limited room I haven’t seen it yet), everywhere you turn is something to entice the eye or ear.

When I say record store of your dreams, I’m not just engaging in hyperbole. Piles of free, yes free, mix CDs, with hand crafted cases are waiting for you to snatch them up. Just leave something for what you take, or if inspiration fails you, they’re $1 out the door. For the gaze hungry, zines are stacked up in the piano for your perusal.

PRS is also offering dirt cheap CDs and DVDs with assortments of local artists, and if you’re not happy with the selection (poke-poke-whisper: “you will be”) just fill out a form and pick and choose what you’d like to hear and they’ll burn the thing for you.

It’s unlikely you’ll walk out empty-handed, but it’s worth visiting the gallery (er, store) just to see what a brilliant job Bill Wehman has done in converting the place into such a comfortable, joyful playground.

I walked out with the spoils below. If you like any band in particular, you’re encouraged to shoot them an email at the address on the back of the mags and they’ll hook you up.


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