Poet’s Corner #1 – Luara Venturi

Next time you’re on the #12 be sure to direct your attention out the east window as you near 17th Street, because you might just catch a glimpse of Luara Venturi, a local spoken word poet, as depicted by Evan Bissell.

Here’s the deal: Intersection for the Arts’ show somewhere in advance of nowhere will be opening on the 26th, and as a kind of teaser, Bissell’s paintings of young artists from Youth Speaks have already begun popping up around the city.

The site for each is chosen by the subject, the location being one with some personal meaning to the poet. In this case, Venturi chose the former address of Youth Speaks which used to be housed nearby.

I found Venturi’s portrait bolted to the exterior of the SH Leathercraft building on Folsom near 17th during a stiflingly hot walk to the San Francisco Center for the Book. For the lucky or attentive passerby there’s an added takeaway: call the number located on a plaque beneath the artwork to hear samples of the participating poets’ spoken word performances.

I’ll be hunting down more of these, punishing heat wave notwithstanding.


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