Poet’s Corner #2 – Tino Illustrisimo

Had my second sighting of a featured poet from Intersection for the Arts upcoming project somewhere in advance of nowhere when passing the sleepy corner of Folsom and 7th st. this weekend.

According to the Youth Speaks website there will be a total of 18 of these paintings eventually placed in locations around the Bay Area.

Each of the poets and Youth Speaks members featured in these works pick the sites for their likeness. An email newsletter I received from Intersection explained that “Tino chose this site because he hangs around the South of Market neighborhood of San Francisco with his friends, and sometimes plays basketball at the basketball court a half block away.” Saturday of course was so hot, there was barely anyone about, on the court or otherwise.

As mentioned last time around, you can hear some of the featured poet’s work by calling the number displayed on the accompanying plaque but I won’t make you haul your ass all the way out to SOMA to get it – it’s 415-200-4587 x.27.


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