Having Your Art and Eating It Too

Oh, Dynamo Doughnuts. Thou art a blessing and a curse. Stuffed as I was with Orange Ginger Spice and Chocolate Star Anise, I didn’t partake of even a single scoop of delicious looking Mitchell’s cones served up at The Portable Ice Cream Stand at Southern Exposure’s 14th St. Gallery this weekend.

I did however snap a few pics of the work in progress: a slowly building collection of sculptural works and wall painting that accompany the mini-store. Acrylic never looked so delicious. The stand is resident artist Brion Nuda Rosch’s invention, a scene that owes more to accrual than straight forward construction. There’s also the occasional performance for those smart enough to plan ahead. I arrived during lunch so Rosch and his collaborators were taking a well deserved break, but you’ve got until the 11th to get your fill of dessert and process as the exhibit continues to take shape before our eyes. At the upcoming Ice Cream Social on the 10th, Rosch will be giving a talk at 5:30 before the gluttony kicks off in earnest.


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