Yeah Yeah Yeah

The Spike Jonze interview on Ain’t It Cool News goes a long way to allaying fears that Where the Wild Things Are will reach screens butchered by studio intervention. But if anything, it’s a confirmation, that yes, Warner Bros. didn’t get it:

…I think that’s what freaked the studio out about the movie too. It wasn’t a studio film for kids, or it wasn’t a traditional film about kids. We didn’t have like a Movie Kid in our movie, or a Movie Performance in a Movie Kid world. We had a real kid and a real world, and I think that’s sort of where our problem was.

Somehow I had missed the fact that Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is providing the score for the film, in collaboration with Carter Burwell. A few months ago I had written the film off, but now I couldn’t be more fucking excited. Remember when Tangerine Dream did the soundtrack for Legend? I hope it’s like that. I bet you just cringed. Go ahead and click the link to hear the Jon Anderson track that closes that film if you dare. The Eighties ruled.


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