Man, I had high hopes for this one. Pretty much anything Jamie Hewlett does is worth a look, so a show based on his strip Get the Freebies that ran in The Face magazine (I pretty much only bought Face for Hewlett back in the day) sounded too good to be true. It was. Or rather, now it is.
The Herald reports that the BBC pulled the plug on Phoo Action, mere weeks before the series was to begin shooting. Apparently this has proved somewhat awkward for the BBC since the pilot had won a Scottish Bafta, but if an unidentified source quoted in the article is to be believed, the cast and crew were none too happy with what they had to work with either:

“It was absolutely rubbish anyway,” he said, adding that the stars had frequently seemed embarrassed by the lines they were asked to read.

It sure seems a huge leap from award winning to rubbish, so if you’re curious, the entirety of the pilot is up on YouTube in chunks for viewing, and Gorillaz-Unofficial linked them in a handy by chapter list on their Live Journal page. Buddha’s always the best co-star. Except when he’s played by Keanu Reeves. I guess now I’ll just pray for a fourth season of The Mighty Boosh.


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