Skeleton Bath

I wasn’t able to find, either on Toomey Tourell Fine Art’s site or elsewhere on the web any of the images featured in their current show by Ying Yefu or Perk (a collaboration between Si Wei and Jin Ningning) that so blew me away during my visit. There is one ink jet print by Perk available for viewing, but it didn’t hit me as hard as their other works, one of a multiplying cartoonish child whose other selves recede into the distance comes to mind. It reminded me of the comic art of Frank Quietly in Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles of a colorful time traveller who leaves behind after-images of her passing that trail behind like a great caterpillar.

The good news is that Ma Liang’s work from Shanghailand is well represented on the gallery’s site (the images reproduced here are much smaller so be sure to head over there to take in all the details). It was Peng and Ying Yefu’s work that caught my eye as I was passing by en route to a different gallery in the art megaplex that is 49 Geary St., but Ma Liang’s digital prints were such engrossing compositions that I settled in for a good long stare.
The Book of Taboo series is more playful than remonstrative. You won’t find the Seven Deadly Sins here, and if these are indeed reproaches of some kind, they take forms so absurdist and fairy tale-like that you can’t help but be charmed rather than alarmed by the obsessions of the characters. I’m not sure how the piano player, for instance, found himself in such a state in Book of Taboo 9, 2006, but I wish him a speedy recovery: the horses are restless.


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