I figured I better take advantage of the break in the rain, so last night I caught the T and headed over to Dogpatch. The sky looked pretty amazing with the billows of dark storm clouds blotting out everything except for a streak or two of the orange sunset. Over by Mission Rock you might confuse it for a completely different city with the concrete barricades and empty-looking high-rises.

I don’t have many reasons to hit that section of town, but I really wanted to see this exhibit before the show closed. Ping Pong Gallery has some funky hours, so you’ve basically only got two chances left to catch Brian Wasson’s show Last Wash. The good news is that artist will be on-site for a talk this Thursday at 7:30pm, so if you’ve been waiting out the weather like I have, now’s your chance come rain or shine.

This is my fav from the show, Honey, perhaps Wasson’s tribute (or lament) to our insatiable appetite for the sweet stuff in all its forms.
After all, the website notes that the artist, like many, has reached the point where he’s just about had enough of irony (although I suspect that people might be more fed up with sarcasm, which is too often peddled as the same thing). “The irony has warped from absurdity into meaninglessness, the pleasure, only solace…” The absurdity of Honey is undercut nicely by the dignified expression on the artist’s face.

Your fun fact for the day is that the ancient Egyptians used to shape glops of perfume into cones and placed them atop their heads. Over time, the melting drizzles would run down their heads cooling their bodies and coating them with the fragrance. I feel a sense of relief that I’ve finally found a reason to release that little bit of historical trivia from my brain.


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