Mr. Parking Lot Attendant, Tear Down This Wall

My friend Heidi brought these to my attention a day ago, but of course I was without my camera. Went back this morning to get a couple of pics.
The plaques are wired to fenced lots all along 2nd St. The sober black font seems completely at odds with the silhouette of a Windsor McCayish dinosaur.
“Elsewhere Public Works Agency” huh? The website sports a nicely nostalgic virtual terminal from the TRS-80 era.
Aw, man, I bet this has something to do with that Jejeune Institute. They keep getting all up in my business. I was kinda hoping there was some kind of latter day range war going on seeking to remove barriers of all shapes and sizes. Apparently they just want me to remove the barriers in my mind. Feh.

While I continue to feign disinterest, now’s as good a time as any to pay back Heidi for the favor by mentioning that she’ll be writing an essay for the catalog to Pharmaka’s upcoming show My Certain Fate that opens in L.A. on May 14. Read all about it at over at the event curator Timothy Buckwater’s blog, and, oh hey, did I mention Heidi’s got a kinda kick ass blog of her own?


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