Tube-Ride of the Valkyries

You could do worse than spend your lunch break like I did at a surf shack, complete with faux fireplace, 8-tracks at the ready and plenty of reading material. As part of the Museum of Craft and Folk Art’s current exhibition Inside/Outside: Artist Environments, Mike Shine has replicated his Bolinas original (pictured) inside the gallery space.
If the cedar tones overlaid with waves of ’60s era poster art typeface don’t put you at ease immediately, the insistence of the museum attendants that “pretty much everything in there is there for you to touch” should get you in the right frame of mind for your visit. A string of lighted Easter Island heads in primary colors stretch along an exterior punctuated with painted buoys of antlered ladies, portraits of welcoming dire wolves and rings of runic script.

I decided Kiss’ Alive II was the soundtrack needed for my visit, so I popped it into the fat orange spherical deck and proceeded to check out all the wild decorations. The “Til’ Valhalla” Brunhilde-type flasher bares all with a swing of her shuttered arms, while Aegir delivers his surf report on a spinning wheel that keeps his braided beard twitching. If you feel a twinge of guilt from indulging in the “Spin and Sin” (determination: “Sexus”) you can follow it up with the nearby “Repent-O-Rama” (“Exergitatio?”). There are paints and pens at the table, but my efforts were less than rewarding so I dug around in the bookshelves. As to be expected, the Germanic writers are well represented (lots of Hesse and a few Nietzsche) but there’s great little time wasters like Marvel Comic’s Fantastic Firsts hiding in there as well.


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