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my love for you is a stampede of horses blogger Meighan O’Toole’s curated show You’ve Got Light in Your Eyes is on at Needles + Pens through June 28th. I visited during a jam-packed Memorial Day weekend, trying hard to keep in mind how little money I had in my wallet as I passed all the glorious stuff the store had on sale. Must focus.

Kate Bingaman Burt’s Dress is ornamented with hand stitched sticker shock, pockets advertising rates of exchange we all agonize over.
Like pages torn from a circular, her drawings form a little nimbus around the apparel.
On the adjoining wall, Dan Syzmanowski’s work reminded me of old paperback covers. I feel like a story hides behind each one.
Aidan Koch’s At the Beach, suggesting that even the humblest moments of our lives deserve a mythology. The woman gingerly stepping through the shallows is ringed by salt-water blossoms, like the personification of a tide pool caught mid-dance.

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